Strange Man is a myth in Red Dead Redemption. Strabge Man and John Marston first meet during a Strangers task "I Know You". Strange Man tells John that he knows John, but John doesn't know him. Strange Man asks the player to save a person he knows from "being unfaithful to his wife" in Thieves Landing. Upon arriving at Thieves Landing, John sees Strange Man's friend talking to a prostitute. Player can either choose to encourage the man (give him money) or talk him out of it.

Second Encounter: Nuevo Paraiso

The second time Strange Man and John Marston meet is in Mexico. Strange Man now asks John to go to a nearby chapel, where John encounters a nun, which asks him to donate money to the poor. Here players can either rob the nun, and get 300$ or donate the money and lose $12.

Third Encounter: West Elizabeth

The third time Strange Man and John Marston meet it's in West Elizabeth, near John's Residence, The Beecher's Hope. John gets angry at the Strange Man, and tells him that he won't be responsible for his actions once he gets angry. Strange Man continues to talk about how the place they were in was nice. John get's angry and shoots at the Strange Man three times, then his pistol runs out of ammo. John screams at him "Damn you!" to which Strange Man replies with "Yes, many have!"



There are many speculations about who is the Strange Man. The most likely theory is that he is God himself. He knows exactly what people are doing at what time, and tries to protect his "friend" from sin. Later he sends John to a chapel, God's house. During their third encounter John fires three bullets (referring to the game's end where one bullet stands for Uncle, another one for Abigail, and one more for John himself, also the pistol went out of ammo exactly when John wanted to fire one more shot which was supposed to be for Jack), and finally the reply "Yes, many have" might refer to a swear word "Goddamn!".

Possible Red Dead Revolver Appearance

In Red Dead Revolver during the third mission, Red encounters a man on the train to Brimstone that says he is heading there to get a job at the local bank, also during the third encounter in Red Dead Redemption, Strange Man states that he is an accountant. This man from Red Dead Revolver strongly resembles the Strange Man and is dressed in a similar attire.


A man on the train to Brimstone in Red Dead Revolver that Strange Man strongly resembles.


  • During the third encounter with the Strange Man he says, "This is a fine spot." This location later serves as John's gravesite.
  • In an issue of Gamepro Magazine, a closer look at Red Dead Redemption was given. When asked about the Strange Man's quest, and whether the "man in the black top hat" represented God or Satan, Rockstar told the magazine that they could not tell if the Strange Man was God, Satan, or anything else.
  • It is actually possible to kill the Strange Man. The player just has to shoot him before triggering the cutscene. Doing so will fail the mission.
    • The player cannot kill him once the mission is complete.
    • The Strange Man can be "killed" right after the second encounter. He will appear to have died and the body can be looted. Doing so does not affects the "I Know You" side missions in any way.
  • If the player points a gun at him, he can pull out a Cattleman Revolver and shoot and kill the player. He may also run away while yelling at John. 
  • There is a picture of the Strange Man hanging in John and Abigail's bedroom at Beecher's Hope, directly over Jack's bed and above the piano in the living room. Another picture of him can be found in the Blackwater safe house just above the saloon.
  • After the first encounter with him, players can point a gun at him and he will start to run. If he is hogtied, he will keep talking as if the situation were normal. However, pointing a gun at him is considered a crime and civilians will attempt to alert law enforcement.
  • The Strange Man is the only character John meets within all three territories of the map.
  • If the player attacks the Strange Man he will say things like, "You always were a nasty little orphan", "Come now, Marston", or "You haven't changed."
  • As mentioned above, there is a possibility that the Strange Man appears in Red Dead Revolver, although it is unclear if it really is the same person.
  • Strange Man is one of the three beings that are a part Rockstar's "Religion Easter Egg". The others are a Dog in Grand Theft Auto V met during all three Strangers & Freaks missions for Dom and a man that is known as Anders Detling from Max Payne 3. Strange Man is a possible God, The Dog is a possible Devil and Anders Detling is a possible Grim Reaper.